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Tokyo C

Tokyo C

Tokyo C Japanese  Cuisine

Japanese/Asian Restaurant

Images are taken from our restaurant, with a virtual background applied.

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"Found under" details correspond with where to find the items on the Online Menu/Order Online tabs. 

Our Story Begins In The East

After arriving in the U.S., we decided that we needed to spread the legacy of Asian culture. In 2006, Tokyo C opened to customers, serving teriyaki, hibachi, sushi, and everything in between. 16 years later, we are still dedicated to serving our customers affordable and high-quality food. We have faced obstacles all along the path, but we strive to improvise and continue our best to serve our customers. We appreciate all of the criticism, feedback, and all of our customers, as we wouldn't be here on this incredible journey without you.


"You can't buy happiness but you can buy SUSHI
  Which is kinda   the same thing"

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