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Kitchen Appetizers

★ Crab Rangoon

8 pieces


Age Dash Tofu

Many pieces of small, deep fried tofu


★ Edamame

Lightly salted boiled soybean pods, beans


★ Gyoza

Pan fried Japanese pork dumpling


Vegetable Gyoza

Pan fried Japanese vegetable dumpling


Fried Shrimp Shumai

Fried Japanese shrimp dumplings


Steamed Shrimp Shumai

Steamed Japanese shrimp dumplings


Chicken Tempura Appet.

3 pieces of deep fried chicken tempura


Vegetable Tempura Appet


Shrimp Tempura Appet.

3 pieces of deep fried shrimp tempura


Kani Tempura Appet.

5 pieces of deep fried crabsticks


Mixed Tempura Appet.

2 pieces of tempura shrimp, 3 pieces of tempura vegetable, and 1 piece of tempura crabstick


★ Fried Squid

Breaded deep fried squid rings


Fried Chicken Wings

5 pieces of fried chicken wings with duck sauce on the side


Egg Roll (1)

Deep fried made from pork and vegetables, comes with duck sauce on the side


Spring Rolls (2)

vegetable spring rolls (2)


BBQ-Beef on a stick

2 sticks of steak and onions, with teriyaki sauce over them


Yakitori Appet.

(2) teriyaki chicken on a stick, with onions and teriyaki sauce on top


Tokyo Fried Chicken Appet.

Bite size pieces of white meat chicken seasoned and deep fried, with katsu sauce on the side


Soft Shell Crab

Japanese style deep fried crab, cut and served with tempura sauce on the side


Coconut Shrimp


French Fries

Served with ketchup on the side



Miso Soup

All vegetarian. Soybean paste soup with bean curd, scallion, and seaweed.


Miso Soup Quart Size


Clear Soup

Clear broth with scallion


Clear Soup Quart Size



Side Garden Salad

Salad made from lettuce and carrots, topped with ginger dressing


L. Garden Salad


Seaweed Salad


Avocado Salad

Sliced avocados on top of lettuce and carrots, with ginger dressing on the side


★ Kani Salad

Salad with crabsticks on top of lettuce and carrots, and has eel sauce and spicy mayo on top



Grilled Chicken Salad

Salad with carrots and lettuce, with grilled chicken on top and spicy mayo



Side Orders

White Rice (small)

Small cup of rice


White Rice (Large)

Large takeout box


Small Fried Rice

Small cup of plain fried rice


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